NEW [APP] TAGPEN A New Way To Read Your News!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Tagpen is the first app of its kind. This brings a fresh take to the way you read your news on your Android device! Tagpen allows you to organize, discover, consume, and share "must see" news via #HEADLINES created by your friends, people you care about and online publishers. Tagpen is a simple news reader without the flashy gimmicks, and endless scrolling feed. Tagpen simplifies your news feed, and eliminates the copious amounts of images and videos. This app is straight to the point and easy on the eyes. Features of the Tagpen app include #HEADLINES (a way to engage in must see news), combine your facebook, twitter, and instagram into one efficient feed, Efficiency Plus (allows you to customize your homescreen with your BFFs from your inner pen), Efficiency Max (combine each of your BFFs FB, Twitter, and instagram accounts into one central feed. Tagpen eliminates the need to scroll through an endless feed of mostly useless news and updates, Grab only the news that is important to you! Head to the thread link below to support the developers. This is a new app and they could use your feedback!


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