[NEW APP][2.1+]File Sorter:Sort files into folders and makes file system clean,fast


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Aug 29, 2012
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Clean your folders and sort your files into directories.Our uniqe application helps you to have clean file system.File sorter sort all files and recognize more than 100 file types .File sorter also contain smart scheduler which helps you to automatically sort your folders after optional time.

★Pay back guarantee!

★Usage:It is advisable to apply sorter on folder (directory) which contain many files for example Downloads folder.

★Sort technology:
Firtslty ,file sorter recongize file and create directories from them.
Secondly ,move files into corresponding directories.For example photos to image directory.
What is more, sort technology do not create empty folders so you can set up sorting into many folders and have clean file system.

★Smart scheduler:
Smart automatic system which cleans and sort files automatically after optional time.
Time intervals: once an hour,once a day,once a week,once a month

★Optional settings:
You can add your own folders and create name and supproted file types.
Appliaction is set up for best sorting ,but if you are advanced user you can edit everything you want.
Basically file sorter sorts:Images,Sounds,Videos,Documents,Applications,Presentations,Data and Others.

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