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Mar 7, 2011
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I have a motorola spice, and want to tether it with my laptop, I joined so that I could learn how to do so.
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welcome to the forum! wanna also include from the thread:

Wifitethering is an app in the android market that was created by Harald Hue, ulfalda, bbuxton, and andrew robinson. It allows you to use the internet on your phone through your computer through AD-HOC mode. Known issues from wifi tethering is that your phone heats up from use. Wifi tethering app can be downloaded from the android market or through In order to use the app users must be rooted. And rooting does void your warranty.
Will verizon, (other carrier) charge me for using the app? Because verizon offers mobile broadband service using any form of tethering out side of the specified plans is against your contract agreement. As a result verizon (or other carrier) has all rights to void your contract and charge you for the data used from unauthorized tethering.

Are there other tethering apps? Yes, here are a list of unauthorized tethering apps/programs: wifi tethering, barnacle tethering, pdanet and easy tether. For a list of authorized tethering apps please contact or visit your carriers web site.


What is Barnacle: Is an app similar to wifi tethering in that it turns your device into a wireless modem. Like wifi tethering app it uses ad-hoc mode and requires root. For more info visit the dev website: Barnacle Wifi Tether


Pdanet: This app allows users to use their phone as a modem. This requires that your phone be hooked into the device (ie computer laptop) and that the required software from the developer is installed. The developer has a free and a paid version. The paid version is required to go to secured sites. For more info see the dev site: PdaNet -- USB Tether/Bluetooth DUN for Android

Easytether: Like Pdanet, easytether requires that your phone be hooked up to your computer. It also requires that you install the required software to the computer that you want to tether with. You can find easytether on the android market

3g Mobile hotspot: This is an app provided by verizon to allow authorized wifi tethering. Plans and details can be found by visiting verizon's website or contacting a customer service rep.

Droid Forums (or its sister sites) do not condone unauthorized tethering. It is highly recommend that users visit their local carriers website to set up authorized means of tethering. Users should know that the carrier have all rights to suspend services and charge for unauthorized use of broadband services. This thread is so that people will have the answers they need about the different tethering apps out there, but recommend that the users follow the contract agreement with their carrier and seek only authorized tethering apps/programs.[/QUOTE]

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