Need some rec. for "to do list" apps w task reminders


Jan 1, 2010
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What are some of the best "to do list" apps. Something w reminder alerts for task.

I recommend Todo Q. I think it's $1.99 in the marketplace.

One cool feature is that reminders can also alert you by location. So for instance you have "change oil" on your list and have put in the location of where you have that done. When you go by the place it will remind you.

The best thing though it the response from the developer. This past week I left a comment and a rating which he immediately got back to me on. We emailed back and forth a couple of times so that he could get clarification as to what I was asking for. Then he let me know that he's working on things and has been keeping me up to date on his progress. Now that is customer service!
I use Astrid, which is free and works great for me. It does reminders and can also add stuff to your calendar. I don't use Locale, but if you do, it also is supposed to work with that app for location-based reminders.
goto the verizon app section of the marketplace and they have a free recorder
I have done a great deal of searching on this one and have found Got To Do is the best out there.
I am a huge fan of Astrid used with Pure Calendar. Those two have worked wonderfully together for me :)
+1 for Astrid here. Didn't think I'd like it or that it had the features/setup I wanted, but after a few weeks; it's great.