Need Moto Droid Drivers

Apr 8, 2010
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United States
I need a lot of help here, heres the situation:
I got a thunderbolt and started not using my rooted droid1 running project elite so i was going to give it to my girlfriend whos never had a smartphone let alone a rooted android phone so i thought it would be best to flash back to stock. After I flashed the stock image and the boot up was beginning i ran into a problem. My phone would get through the moto M logo and then through the Droid word logo but after roughly 10-13 seconds into the droid eye logo my phone would shut off completely, i thought it was the battery so i took my other moto battery that I knew was full and inserted it and tried to power up, the same thing happened, i mustve tried about 20 times but no use.
I posted this in another thread and they said I should download RSD Lite and flash the sbf file, well heres my problem, when i opened up my RSD Lite 4.6 i saw that my d1, though plugged in and on the bootloader, wasnt being recognized by RSD Lite or my computer as a matter of fact, I went under the config options as suggested in the original thread and clicked the DeviceID options and tried both options but my device just wasnt being recognized, I believe I might need drivers for the Moto Droid or something so my device will be recognized, can someone please post them here? i havent much time before she returns home from Hawaii and id like to surprise her with this so please someone post the drivers :) thanx