need help with calender


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Jun 24, 2012
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i need help, i have a bionic and some of the events i entered into my calender are on the phone calender and some are on my google account calender. the google calender syncs with my google calender on my pc but the phone calender does not. is there a way to have the phone calender events sync with the google calender?

If you have a suggestion i would appreciate your help. i do not want to go back several months and re enter all the events i have on the phone calender into the google account, i literally have 4 months of dates to re enter.
Hello and welcome to the forum!!

Have you doublechecked your sync settings in the stock Calendar app to make sure that your phone calendar is set to sync?
Welcome to Droid Forums!! I don't ever use my calendar so I might not have much more to add. Definitely let us know if you double checked the setting STG mentioned and hopefully you will be able to get it all figured out.