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Mar 16, 2011
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Ok so i made a big booboo while rooting the phone today and deleted google talk, i know i know i wasnt supposed to just got finger happy. Well whatever I did while trying to correct the problem has caused the phone to pretty much quit on me. When I turn it on i just get a black screen with a little cellphone and computer with a hazard symbol in the middle. If it can be fixed GREAT, if not im gonna smash it with a hammer and get my insurance phone!!!
Hopefully, you made a backup that you can restore. If not, have you tried reinstalling Google talk?
I thought it had backed up before I rooted it then couldnt find it. Attempted to redownload google talk via apk luck, tried to reflash the original ROM, and now its just dead
Pull your battery wait for a munite and reinsert. Make sure your battery is fully charged then try to open the market and reinstall Gtalk.

I am logging off for the night. Hope all goes well for you.
Are you talking about a yellow triangle?

If you go search around android central you'll find an all in one to return to stock its a fix all odin process.

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Check out the link in my sig we have files needed to flash back to stock. Also I wouldn't recoment breaking your phone and filing an ins claim. That's ins fraud and if caught you could go to jail.

Just take a deep breath go check out our rescue squad and we will get you back on track.