Need help pics & music dont show


Feb 27, 2010
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Buffalo NY
rooted droid x.. apex 1.4.1.. running smooth since apex came out.. yesterday i downloaded picplz then uninstalled picplz had no use for it after i played with it for a bit... now before that everything was fine.. after i uninstalled picplz i could no longer access pics on sd card gallery loading new albums... the gallery is blank and there are no items in your collection... so i checked sd card has all my pics on there put sd card in computer pics show up fine.. copied whole sd card to computer got new sd card put everything on new sd card same problem tried diff gallery apps diff cameras same thing.. also not showing any music when i go to access music but music files r on sd card... all other programs work and load fine.. reflashed apex same problem..did factory wipe and reset same problem... if i take a pic with camera that shows in gallery but nothing else thats on sd card... anyone have a solution or has anyone had the same problem