Need Contacts App To Replace Normal App on D1


Oct 28, 2009
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Hey guys I am really into using groups to do contacts, and with the standard contacts app it doesn't allow this. I have other contacts apps but none I can get to integrate into the phone so the phone actually replaces it with the normal one.

Like when I get a text and want to save the person it always brings up the normal one and no option to choose which contacts app I want to use.

Is there an app or a way to replace the normal contacts app?

thanks much

You may be able to go into manage apps and there might be a check box that says something like clear default value..? Dont yell if im wrong on that lol. But most of the time when a conflict between apps happens and no default is set it lets you choose which one.
I tried using Groupy Free for awhile... and it was pretty good with Groups.

But then I found aContacts and Dialer One... I'm now using Dialer One as my default phone app because searching for contacts is very simple and fast.
does that app replace the way you enter contacts because that is a problem I have. all these contacts apps and there is still no way to input a group when you enter new contact. thanks for help.

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Dialer One will allow you to enter contacts.

I haven't really messed with that though... I always enter new contacts on my PC browser through GMail.