Nandroid Manager Updated Bring Order To Your Nandroid Collection.


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Oct 6, 2011
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A nandroid backup is a backup of your entire phone. Every piece of data is recorded. If you mess something out you can easily revert to the Rom you were running before in its exact state before you flashed your new Rom. Not only are Nandroid backups a safety net, they are also a great way of going from Rom to rom. If you have several favorite roms you can set them all up just how you want them and create a new nandroid backup for each rom then simply flash back and forth. With all of those nandroid backups you will need a way to manage them. Nandroid Manager allows you to view, explore, and edit your nandroid backups.

The features list is long and includes support for both CWM and TWRP recoveries, delete and rename backups, verify md5 of backups, compress backups to zip, extract files from backup files, restore sms data from nandroid backup, restore wifi data from nandroid backup, restore bluetooth data from nandroid backup, restore call logs, restore apps+data, restore user word dictionary, flash recovery, and more. This is a must have for the avid Rom flasher. Grab this app from the source link below.