Nandroid backup fails

Oct 22, 2010
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I've been trying to use the droid 3 boostrap (official one from cwm on market) to create a nandroid backup but its not working. When it reboots the phone and I select backup, it begins backing up but then it says "cannot mount sd card". Not certain what I should do.

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Do you have enough space on the card? If so then I would move everything from the card to your PC, format it and put everything back on it and try again.
My Droid 3 (or anyones for that matter) did not come preloaded with an SD card. The internal memory has been partitioned so that part of it acts as an SD card and the rest is internal storage.
Yup, no SD no backup. Nandroids can't be saved to partitioned internal memory because it'll get wiped on a factory reset.
I'm pretty sure you have to have an actual external SD card to do a backup.

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My D3 didn't come with one either. I asked verizon why and they said, "its got 16gb internal, you don't need one". Haha I put my old one in anyway. It made coming from the D1 easier.

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