My tts won't work


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Sep 14, 2014
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LG Volt
I've lost my voice due to symptoms of COPD, and I badly need to talk on my phone!

I have Google tts updated, I've chosen, however, to go with cereproc, so I have that as default engine.

I bring up my phone but first I bring up my "lost voice app. " I go to talk through typing. I hear my tts through my earphones, but the other person doesn't.

Did I set something up wrong? I don't see any buttons to enable accessibility, an on/off button, but there are other check boxes. I don't even see a choice to enable tts, just the options, there's no tts on/off button. Don't know if rooting has something to do with this, probably not, since it's only towel root.

I am so frustrated. Help, please? :(