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Feb 4, 2014
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Hello, so far in my search I haven't found any free music player for android that do what I want.

I want the app to :
- Take album art automatically
- Take lyrics automatically
- Generate playlist (by folders from computer) and smart playlist (by rating)
- Especially changing the ID3 tags of rating (5 stars) so when I change from computer to cellphone, everything gets always transfered.

So far the best app I heard of are the following :

- Poweramp
- Winamp
- Rocket music player
- PlayerPro

I think PlayerPro does what I want, but I just want to make sure if there wouldn't be any free one before buying it. Also, if I pay, would it be the best one to get for what I need?

Try Tune Wiki. For some reason, I can't get WinAmp PRO to show lyrics on my phone (it works on tablet, though...)

I also love scrolling lyrics and fixing of album art, so for free, try this:

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Everything seemed perfect, but there's only one thing missing (and one of the most important one) : 5 star rating + editing the 5 star in the ID3 tag.

Is it somehwere and I didn't see it?