Multimedia Dock brightness question


Dec 28, 2009
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Chesapeake Bay BABY
i have just begun using the multimedia dock so i can have a good clock/alarm for my room. I was wondering if there was any easy way to reduce the brightness, and im not talking about the soft night mode button cause i like it dark when i sleep.
You can download and install the clock from 2.1. It is less bright and has three brightness modes. Otherwise, you will have to turn the screen completely off at night if you want it to be dark.
Soft Key work around

The main problem I had was the soft key LED lights would remain on when in the dock. How I got around it....

Shut down your droid then with the power off dock your droid (dock plugged into a wall socket). The droid powers on and goes immediately into dock mode...with no LED softkey lights! The screen is still kinda bright, but it is better than having the soft key lights on.

urrently I run the 2.01 dock app (I guess). I wonder how you get the 2.1 dock app?