Multi-Room Music Is Now An Option On Echo Devices!


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Nov 6, 2009
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You can use Multi-Room Music to play music across multiple Amazon Alexa Devices at the same time. Just register two or more Amazon Alexa Devices to one account, set them up on the same wi-fi network, set them up for Multi-Room Music in the Alexa app, and say things like "Play music downstairs", where downstairs is a group you created.

To connect Amazon Alexa Devices from the Alexa app:
  1. From the menu, select Smart Home
  2. Select Groups and then Create Groups
  3. Select Multi-Room Music Group
  4. Use pre-set group names from the dropdown, or create your own with Custom Name
  5. Select which devices to include and then select Create Group
Once enabled say “Play [music selection] [group name]” to play your music on the selected devices.

Currently, Multi-Room Music works with Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Show

However, Multi-Room Music does not support:
  • Amazon Tap or 3rd party Alexa devices
  • Non-music content such as Flash Briefings, books, or skills such as Sirius
  • Any Bluetooth connections whilst streaming, such as to external speakers. Wired connections to external speakers (i.e. from the Echo Dot) will not be affected.
  • Fast-forward and rewind are not supported during group playback
You can stream Amazon Music Unlimited and Prime Music titles to a single device or Multi-Room group at one time. When you’re listening through a Multi-Room Music group, all the devices in that group access the same stream and play the same title simultaneously. You can’t stream different music on multiple devices or on more than one Multi-room Music groups at the same time, unless you have an Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan.

More info: Help: Play Music on Multiple Echo Devices