Motorola's New Droid Maxx Commercials with Edward Norton Feature Action & Intrigue


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Dec 30, 2010
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Austin, TX

Sometimes the commercials for products can be even more entertaining than the movies/TV shows they precede. The most recent example of this is the new Motorola Droid MAXX commercials. The commercials feature the actor Edward Norton and are designed to showcase a wide variety of things you can do during the 48 hour battery life of the Droid Maxx. Of course, the average commercial would do that in a boring fashion, but this one goes over the top by showing the actor living an action-packed and adventurous 48 hours. The first one above had a shorter teaser version a few weeks ago which didn't make it obvious that Edward Norton was in these commercials. The second one continues the story and we even get to see Norton using the Droid MAXX's "Google Now" capabilities to help save him in times of crisis.


Don't expect your Droid MAXX to magically give you the glamorous life suggested in these commercials, but at least you know your have a solid 48 hours of battery life while using it in the real world. Enjoy!
Great movie! It reminded me of that too. If he was ever really in danger he could just "Hulk Out" and rip them to shreds. :)