Motorola droid battery usage help


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Oct 21, 2010
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hi, i own the droid 1 and i have some questions about the phones battery usage, c the thing is tht the phones battery dies very quick. For example lets say that the phone is fully charged and 4 hrs later its in 30 percent. The reasons are because i use wi fi to downlaod aps, and use apps that use wi fi for about a hr and a half and i hav the brightness on 0 also i made a couple calls and total minutes used in those calls where about 20 total, i also listened to about 4 songs using the speaker, and now the phone is in 30 % its been about fours hrs since it was fully charged? is tht normal?lol and the other day it was in like 20 percent then i turned it off and turned it back on and the battery percent was at 60... well any advice or answers would be helpful.
Battery drainage has been the topic of many discussions for the og(original Droid).
Give us some background, ie r u rooted? Task killer? Apps running in background? Sync? GPS? New og? Used? Etc.
As u probably guessed, there are ALOT of variables...

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my droid isnt rooted, and yes i do use task killer and well the background apps would be facebook and the other original apps that come with the phone and nothing is syncing and the gps is off
First off u should drop the task killer. It does nothing but drain more battery. Second search this forum for battery drain. There r a couple of really detailed posts on non rooted battery life. Third see second. :) u will find a ton of info when u search battery drain. ;)
I recommend using watchdog. This is not a task killer, but it watches active apps and it throws an alert of there is an app hogging ram. Gives you option to kill. I stopped ATK since going to watchdog.

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The top 3 things that drain the battery are the On-screen Display, Browser, and Cell Standby. You could also try buying a bigger battery and/or using the app Advanced Task Killer to kill background apps and save more battery.