Motorola defy stuck on Logo


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Apr 22, 2011
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I recently bought a motorola defy and switched from iphone. Now I know about forums and know how to read for safety reason in these threads. But my question is that I rooted my phone and had it rooted for the last 3 days. I am not sure what happened while I was sleep how it could get stuck on the Motorola Logo. I rooted(jailbroke) it just like all sort of forums said and backup my phone. Now I need help on getting it back. I tried rsd lite and the sbf trick. The only thing that it did was beep when I hooked up my phone. but the computer didnt recognize it. I will restart my computer after I send this to see if It will. Still need help because I dont want to send my phone back if its rooted in the state that its in. Oh yea I can get to bootloader also.SO I do know its not bricked. that is all it says is bootloader 09.10 and usb connected. I just need help please.Thank you:icon_ banana: