Moto X 2014 Apps Available On Play Store!


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Oct 6, 2011
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While the new Moto X is nearly a full vanilla AOSP Android experience Motorola has added a few apps of their own to make this the best experience possible. Most OEM bloatware apps are just that, bloat that is not needed on the device that just take up valuable resources. Motorola on the other hand has released some pretty useful apps in the past with their handsets like motorola assist and motorola connect.


They have added 4 new custom Motorola apps to the 2014 Moto X. These new apps include Moto (an assistant that helps new users to become more familiar with their phone), Moto Actions (Allows you to configure 3D gestures which can be used to interact with your phone, you can set up actions for flicking your wrist, or waving your hand in front of the phone), Moto Display (gives you notifications without having to unlock your phone), Motorola Sensor Service (Allows you to keep your sensor service updated) you can grab all 4 of these apps from the Play Store. While these apps won't work with other devices, it will make them easier for Motorola to update. They won't have to do a full on OTA update just to update a few apps since those apps can be updated via the play store!

Via Phandroid