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As a means of illustrating the potential of the camera, I added a 4X eye loupe over the camera and snapped a shot of a crystal filter I am replacing in a mobile radio.
I think the shot speaks for itself with the clarity and color balance.

The actual filter is on the opposite side of the board.
Verizon's prices have gotten ridiculous.

You've got that right. I dropped VZ altogether about a month ago & made the plunge to Republic Wireless. They do mostly WiFi calling, but my plan at least adds talk & text on Sprint's network (MVNO companies are great). No major issues in this first month. The only thing I can gripe about is several Samsung apps (Note 2) that aren't available for other Android phones. The camera on my N2 was also more clear. I've been getting shots that just seem a little more pixelated than the Sammy. It's not a big deal though. I still have a true camera for events that I go to. The Moto G camera is just for those spur of the moment shots.