More Galaxy Nexus Previews

Thanks for sharing! Looks great.
Strange to see Z4root as one of the apps. Didn't know it would work with ICS, or even be needed. Maybe just showed up through restore...
I didn't know borat was pre-testing the phone for us. Great find.

I vote news section :hail:
Man, call me cynical, but I'm not seeing any strides in the "smoothness" or snappy/responsiveness in Vanilla Android in that video. Screen swiping lags a bit at 0:20, 7:50, 8:30, etc... app drawer isn't always instantaneously responsive when pressed.

It's smooth, and it looks really nice, and looks like a ton of functionality improvements, but I've seen people talking about how this is going to be "like butter" b/c it's optimized for dual core and optimized for this one device - but I'm just not seeing that incredible speed/"smoothness" in this video or the others that are cropping up.

Again, I'm very much looking forward to ICS, and think it's going to be awesome, but I don't think it's going to be the "god-like" OS everybody seems to be hoping for.

Again, call me cynical... well, my wife calls me cynical, but I like to think of myself as a "realist"... :r_c:
Keep in mind a couple of things. One, camera video isn't kind to showing the actions of the screen. Some lag can be inherent just due to the video. Moreso than that, he mentioned that was still a beta software. Remember he mentioned the keyboard wasn't fully correct and functioning? So that was a work in progress ICS. Might be making a difference.
good point... I also don't have sound here at my office, at least not right now, so I didn't actually hear any of that ;)
Why does Samsung place the power key and the volume buttons on opposite sides of the phone? They did it with the fascinate and its annoying when trying to unlock the device (my husband has the fascinate) they did it on the Charge too. that could be a deal breaker if they interfere with each other when you try to hit one.... for me anyway
Even though we're still in the dark on a Verizon launch, here's more Galaxy Nexus goodies.

Pretty good, in depth preview of the Nexus.

Galaxy Nexus vs. Galaxy SII:
Samsung Mobilers Romania

And more from the same guy: Samsung Mobilers Romania
In mother Russia, Ice Cream Sandwich eats you!
None of these reviews really provide anything new. Maybe because he was on a prototype but in browser settings > Labs > Quick Controls, Are they there!? This would be a very nice feature to bring from HC to ICS. And he never pulled down the notification bar and press the clock to see if any quick settings are available, or even go into settings. Fail.
I find your general knowledge about the world to be funny , no wonder the rest of the world likes you so much .
Is it just me or does that guy sound like the Professional Russian from the famous Youtube videos?
I didn't know borat was pre-testing the phone for us. Great find.

I vote news section :hail:

Ha ha ha! That is funny!

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