Mod Floating Message/Air Message On Galaxy Devices


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Oct 6, 2011
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There is nothing worse than when you are trying to get something done on your device, and one of your friends keeps sending you messages taking you out of your rythm. When you are trying to get out an important email or you are trying to beat a level in a game and you receive a message you have to stop everything, pull down your notification, open the message (which covers the whole screen), read it, close it, then reopen whatever app you were previously in. With this mod your messages will just pop up and you can read them or dismiss them.

There are a few methods to achieve this depending on the particular device you are using. One method requires you to be rooted with recovery installed, you will simply flash a zip file in recovery. With the second method you will need to be rooted and you will use SQlite Editor to modify a particular file. Head to the link below for full instructions and downloads.

via XDA