[MOD][EB01][3/8] 5 Lockscreens/Clock Options/AOSP answer/Rotary Music controls


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Feb 3, 2010
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All credit goes to sbrissen over at XDA....

Orig link: [MOD][EB01][3/8] 5 Lockscreens/Clock Options/AOSP answer/Rotary/AOSP Music controls - xda-developers

[MOD][EB01][3/9] 5 Lockscreens/Clock Options/AOSP answer/Rotary/AOSP Music controls
This is the 5 lockscreen mod found on other Galaxy phones.
So the 5 screens: Puzzle, Glass, AOSP, Epic, and .... ROTARY!

This also includes accurate battery (of my choice), Power Options, and dhoard's long press fix as well.
Files affected: Framework-res.apk, framework.jar, android.policy.jar, Settings.apk, and services.jar

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for bad things that happen as a result of flashing this.
Flashing this will overwrite your current theme and flashing a new theme over this will screw these up until it is incorporated into the themes.

This has been tested on a stock DEODEXED rom. if you are not deodexed flash at your own risk.
Update: 3/9
--Fixed rotary lock being chopped off at top (thanks mastamoon for pointing out)
--Fixed tab lock images (thanks jk0l)
--Changed Reboot/Recov/Download icons (thanks bendowden)
Update: 3/8
-Added music controls to Rotary lock AND Aosp Lock (see attached screenshot)
--Controls will only show when music is already playing
--Tested with Samsung music player and Motorola player but should work with most
Update: 3/2
-Removed Data Throttling due to some people having issues with data
Update: 2/28 - links updated
-Removed "Verizon Wireless" from status bar dropdown (credit to Admer for his services.jar edits)
-disabled menu button unlock for all lockscreens
Update: 2/26
- Fixed Clock Options so Hide Clock no longer requires a reboot *All links updated*
Update: 2/24
- Mod Phone to remove puzzle answer, all lockscreens will use aosp answer
----- Made as a separate CWM flash incase anyone actually likes the puzzle
Update: 2/23
- Added clock options (hide am/pm / hide clock) to settings menu **see image attachments
----- the "Hide Clock" setting requires a reboot once checked/unchecked
----- the "Hide Clock" setting will override "Hide AM/PM"
----- Hide AM/PM works reguardless of font and 24hour clock is not affected :)
Update: 2/19
- removed carrier from all lockscreens including pin/password/pattern (don't remember if it showed for these but carrier was listed in the layout files).

**Accurate Battery: http://www.mediafire.com/?95vikjifb7cje9c (updated: 3/9)
**Stock Battery (no %): http://www.mediafire.com/?1p5c1o3qm00z651 (updated: 3/9)

**AOSP answer: http://www.mediafire.com/?j7hzrj74wwsim7j ***replaces Phone.apk***

************* If you are themed and already have the 5 lock mod you can flash this for clock options:http://www.mediafire.com/?30nkcp227cz8fby (updated 3/2) (you will lose any theme edits done to the services.jar)

Credits: dhoard - long press fix
WhiteHawkXx - for the Vibrant 5 lock source.
s0niqu3 - For the hide am/pm mod in the settings menu (edited by me to include hide clock)
ihtfp69 - rotary lock music controls on Sense
Me - for the acc battery/Power Options and dedicating too much time for this mod
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