Mobile Printing and introduction


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May 30, 2011
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I am new to DROID. I have a company and have about 10 Apple iPhones with $160 per month plans (after taxes and fees). I have tried Motorola Droid and realized that any way I looked at it if I use any standard carrier, I'm going to pay the same amount. I am now trying to go prepaid with MetroPCS because each phone is only $50 per month for unlimited voice text and data. The only problem I have found is that the droid will not do ad hoc networking. I use ad hoc to connect to Brother printers in the trucks to print quotes and invoices at customer's houses. I use the Brother iPrint and Scan app. It is a very nice app that allows you to print pdf docs as well as scan in and email pdfs (signed quotes, etc.). I have already rooted one of the DROIDS and tried all the root ad hoc stuf I can find, but everything is just geared towards tethering and does not allow the iPrint app to communicate. iPrint thinks it is not connnected to a printer because it looks at the phones stock wifi connection. Does anyone know how I can make this work? I don't need to share internet. I just need to ad hoc to the printer and use Brother iPrint and Scan. Thanks in advance for your help.