Mobile internet and sms sending fail DG2 on Global GSM

Greetings to everybody!

I have a similar problem with Russian GSM SIM cards.. Brother got me a global droid 2 from States, it's unlocked, I am sure about that. But it does not find any GSM-network in Russia...

And when I checked the 'bands' (*#*#4636#*#*) - it only shows USA Band, no other choice.

Could that be a rootcause of problems I am having? What could be a possible solution to that?

Thanks in advance,
Going to need some help answering that one. I think people have had to do a full reload. To get of USA gsm band mode.

I dont know if this helps BobSteel but I went to a T mobile store here and borrowed the employees sim card. The sim card picked up the APNs stored in for NL that were in the phone and data worked. I am going to try to put the APNs in the phone for Hi mobile and try again.
OP, did you manage to solve the problem? I seem to be having the same issue. Thanks much