Mobile Hotspot?


Dec 18, 2010
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Okay, so I LOVE my phone... I do... It's my second smartphone and I was rocking a D1 before - just learned to root and do the ROM-ing thing about a month ago. I never did learn how to do the tethering thing with my D1 - I don't really know if it was possible to do a mobile hotspot kind of thing with my rooted D1 but it doesn't really matter now that I've moved up to the Rezound. Now that I have it, I now have access to officially do the mobile hotspot thing with this phone but shame on me for not doing any research about it in the first place - I had NO idea that it would cost extra to use the mobile hotspot app that is installed on this phone. I already have unlimited data and I thought it would just work off of that but noooooooo... again, like I said, shame on me... can't fault anyone but myself for not knowing.

So, I have a wifi only Xoom and I was interested in using the hotspot thing for my Xoom when I'm away from home but I cannot see paying $20 for 2g a month for something I would rarely use - the apps that I can find are typically USB tethering only, which only works if you want to share the connection with a laptop or PC - there's no way to link the Xoom with the phone via USB (that I know of anyway). I've used PDAnet on my D1 for the Xoom and that worked kind of okay I guess... Haven't tried it between the Rezound and Xoom yet but I got mixed results with that anyway so......

Since we don't have a permanent root solution yet, is there something else that would fit the bill for the occasional use that I am referring to? Do you guys know of a reliable solution or is vzw the way to go? Does anyone actually pay to use the mobile hotspot feature? Seems like PDAnet would probably be my best bet... $20 for 2g every month seems a little steep for how little use I would get out of it. I guess I could justify paying more on top of what I spend per month for service if I did a pay as I go kind of thing... And as for the rooting thing, I doubt I'll root this phone until I get closer to my next upgrade and it's performance becomes unbearable, like I did with my D1.

What do you guys think?
I hate the VZW way of things, but it seems that because the phone is still fairly new, there is no good root solution. There is a root out there, but as soon as you reboot then it is unrooted. You can try that and see if you can get a tether tool. I heard from another rezounder that they are using the official hotspot thing and it ROCKS. SO if you have the deep pockets (enough money to spend on this hotspot tool) then go for it. But if money is an issue, wait for a good root and tether.
Everyone phone I've had, eventually got a custom tethering/hotspot solution. This of course is only possible after permanent root. On my DX we had a custom tether fix that also allowed mobile hotspot. I would say take a look at the other HTC phone threads and see if they have what you're looking for. If so, after we get permanent root I'm sure you'll see it start popping up for the Rezound.