Millenial Media's August Data: Android Still Top OS; Almost Twice iOS Share


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Dec 30, 2010
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Millenial Media's new marketing data was just released and things are still looking great for Android. Based upon traffic to Millenial Media's global ad network, the Android OS ranked at 54% of the pie, with iOS sitting at 28%. If you remember last month's data, this is a bit of a slip for Android (from 61% in July) and a gain for Apple's OS (from 21% in July); however, the data from this month is a bit misleading because, for the first time, Millenial Media also included figures from smartphones and tablets in the analysis. This makes a past data comparison strictly an Apples to Oranges comparison...


Regardless, from a single manufacturer viewpoint, Apple remains the top device, with slightly over 23%. Samsung with 16.33%, HTC with 14.55% and Motorola with 11.37% round out the top 4 respectively. RIM is still clinging to 5th place with 11.06%, and LG tops the bottom few with 9.46%. The total smartphone usage has risen to 72% with feature phones dropping to 14%. Of course, if you extrapolate these numbers out while combining HTC, Samsung, Motorola and LG, and then guesstimate how many of those smartphones were Android powered, you can see Android dominating from a combined manufacturers perspective as well.


Source: via BGR and MillenialMedia