michrophone issues


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Jul 23, 2010
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My new Droidx seems to work fine, Except that the microphone does not work. I can get calls, but the caller can not hear me when I answer (say anything). I can hear them fine. The guys at the Verizon store said the phone was defective and would have to be replaced, Verizon CS said they would overnight one to me for Friday and gave me two options, a refurbished phone or a new in the box one. The rep confirmed both options were in stock. I said, "you sent me a defective phone. Replace it new." They said it would use up the mfg 30 day warranty. I again said you sent me a defective phone. Replace it new. They said it would go out for next day delivery. I waited Friday for FedEx, and called CS service back on Sat. They said it would not be shipped until 3 August. I am not happy.
I am not impressed. I am thinking that maybe there ids a simple fix for the microphone. Anyone else had issues?