Mi piston 2 Hands-On Review : One of the best Under $100

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Jul 13, 2014
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Xiaomi had a huge success with it’s smartphones in India. Now, they have released their In-earphones, Mi Piston 2, which matches their smartphones ideology – High quality products at dirt cheap rates. Also called Mi In-ear Headphone (Piston Design), Mi Piston 2/2.1 is a budget in-earphone that promises high-end audiophile level immersive music experience. We will be reviewing the Mi Piston 2 that I got from Flipkart, which is the only official online partner on Mi. Actually, the unit I’m reviewing is the Mi Piston 2.1, which is basically the same model but small addition of the shirt clip and a longer wire.

Design of the Mi Piston 2 is top-notch, there is no doubt in this. It is by far the sexiest in-earphones you can find below 5k. No wonder, it won the prestigious iF design awards. Not just the earphones, it’s cover and packaging is also sexy, and talks a lot about Xiaomi’s quality and design expertise.
Build quality is the best thing about Mi Piston 2. It is the best built in-ears you can get for the asking price (or much higher to the upwards of 2k). The parts are made of aluminum metal and the wires used are of very high quality, some thing you’ll not find at this price range.

The wire is made up of two types of materials. The wire is coated with nylon fabric from the earphone jack to the buttons, after the buttons, the wire splits into two and is like the usual wires you see in other earphones. Xiaomi claims that the wires are made of Braided Kevlar material, which makes them quite sturdy and less tangible.
The earplugs are made of metal it produces a nice metallic sound when held in hand. There is a strain relief at the point where the wire connects with the earplugs. It is a nice addition, it reduces micro phonics and protect your pistons from damages at the area. The earphone jack is also made up of metal, like that of earplugs. And there is also a strain relief like that in the earplugs.

For the rest of the review, Please check out my website : Mi piston 2 Hands-On Review The best in-ear under 5k

didn't post the full review because that would mean full plagiarism
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