Jul 7, 2010
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Ok, Im not exactly an expert in this droid root using yet. I have had a droid since around christmas but just a week ago discovered thee amazing wonders of rooting. I rooted yesterday and installed BB 0.4 and i love it. But as most of you probably understand i want to tweak my phone to my standards of liking. So i need a little help.
I have searched the forums high, low, and around the corner. I have yet to find an easy and direct way to change your notification panel color and/or your time color. I have found ways, but they seemed to difficult for me to do without screwing up. Or i would have to download a whole theme to change it or some other bull. Is there an easy to understand guide on using metamorph change the framework and install themes?

and i have used these forums everyday since i discovered them for guides and such. They helped me ridiculous amounts.
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