Media Player Questions


Nov 9, 2009
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Hello everyone I'm loving the Droid it's a great phone but I was wondering if there is an app or will be an app that will do something like iTunes genius playlists do. This was a feature I used often. I tried party mix but I don't think it works like genius. Or does it? Thanks in advanced for any responses
If you are wanting an app that makes this genius type playlist on the go, I am not aware of such an app. However, if you want to use iTunes and use the genius playlist creator you can use one of several iTunes programs such as DoubleTwist, iTunes Agent, etc. to give you that ability. Hope this helps!
Ah yes I was looking for an app that did it on the fly. Thank you for the response. I think ill live with the party mix for now as I already have 13 gigs of music on my phone already >_<
try downloading pandora you can put in an artist you like and it will suggest artists that are similar... It's like playing from the genius bar