[ROM] Maverick for the Droid3 (MavROM) - V2.5


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Apr 25, 2011
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MavRom 2.5 Alarm Issue

OK, I just found a little Alarm bug in the MavRom 2.5.
If you setup an alarm as 7:00AM using the standard 'Alarm and Timer' app, the alarm show as 7:00PM in the list of alarms. The alarm works fine though and rings at 7:00AM as it has been setup but it may cause confusion to most people as to when they should expect it to go off! See screenshot below

Hopefully the devs can address it in the next update unless they have already!

BTW, @buckmarble and team - Do we have an ETA on the next built of this ROM based on 5.7.902?

So far, I cannot see any improvement in the battery life of my D3 from Stock (on 5.6.890) to 5.7.894 (that MavROM 2.5 is based off). Hearing good things about 5.7.902 battery life so I am anxious to get my hands on it!

Thanks for all the wonderful things that my D3 is getting with this ROM and I am loving it otherwise!

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