Market Force Closes


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Feb 13, 2011
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I flashed Liberty 1.5 and installed UD theme now my market constantly force closes. I can open the market app and search just fine, but every time I try to go to a sub category, it hangs then eventually force closes.

I read that installing Fission ROM Manager and using a themed Market app foxed the problem, but every time I try to install FRM, it hangs and locks my phone. Have to pull the battery and reboot.

I have returned to stock and reflashed Liberty 1.5 but still having the same problem. The only other problem I have is when I tried loading an old recovery, my original recovery I made when I first rooted was gone. The only recovery I have now is the current set up I have.

Should I revert completely back to stock and start over (to get a good pre-Liberty recovery) or just not worry about it? Also, if I revert back to stock and start over, will I be able to recover my paid apps? I have Titanium Back Up Pro as well. Thanks.