Lynx SiriusXM


Feb 27, 2010
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Has anybody here bought one of these Satellite radios? It is supposed to be running a "heavily modified" version of Android. According to Engadget, they do not intend to do anything with the Market, so it may not be something this forum would be interested in, but if there are a lot of people here getting one, maybe we can start a separate forum for it. I just ordered one from Crutchfield. I had been looking to upgrade my older radio that had 30 preset channels, but all the radios for the longest time only had 10. So, I held off until now.

The Lynx has 25 presets and can run off wifi around the house, so you could use it to play music anywhere there is wifi access as long as you have the internet option with SiriusXM. It has the touch screen, bluetooth, and a whole bunch of other improvements over older radios.

I am wondering, also, if it could be rooted and what advantage there might be to rooting it.
I have had the Lynx for about a month now. As a long time sirius and now SiriusXM subscriber, I have seen these devices get hacked but this is the first time a Radio has had a non COTS OS built in.

The radio software was not built "In House". During CES this year, Scott Muske of Telca discussed the unit and said his company built the unit from the ground up. He said it uses Android 2.2, the Froyo release. He also mentioned that they used the Texas Instruments OMAP Lynix Kernal interface for the front end work.


A few weeks ago, I stumbled onto the Android screens for this device. Like most Android devices, there is a button combination that you can press on startup and it goes into a mode where you can refresh or update the unit.



During the early leaks of pictures of the device, there were features that were not delivered. One such feature was the Timed recordings, where you could schedule a recording of a radio show. That is probably the biggest letdown of the device. As many are fans of Howard Stern show, the only way to save the recordings is to let it buffer the show then replay it into another recording device and save as a MP3 or other format. The issue is the buffer is only 7 hours so if you don't catch it just right you miss it.

Well that is about all I know. I'd love someone to root this device and add some new features. I'd love to be able to use the Android Browser in wifi mode, or add some apps to it.

If someone could get me started, I'll work to help figure it out myself...