lost sticky note data


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Mar 21, 2011
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I put some data on a sticky note and now I cant find it...I don't think I trashed it but I might have. If I trashed it can I still get it back?
Thanks for any help

Well I have a Notepad app and if something is deleted off of it or if it is exited before you save what you have written it will delete it. If it has been deleted then there isnt much of a way to get it back. Maybe it hasnt been deleted and you will find it
I use wizard memo it works great if you know how to use it ,just to make sure you don't lose valuable info e-mail it to yourself.

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User error

I HATE IT when the issue is user error....especially when I am the user...I foune the sticky note behind another widget....I wish I could figure out a way to blame this on someone else....