Lost i*hone


Jul 8, 2010
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Hey all, someone stole or maybe I lost my iphone.

its turned off, numbers disabled, and sims removed.

I have mobileme find my iphone app, will that work?
Please dont think im being an Arse. Is this for real?
Yeah but why would you ask about it instead of just trying to use mobile me to find it?

If I lost my phone I wouldn't come to a forum and ask if it will work, I would be trying it so I could find my phone?
I tried but it won't show up. I'm asking because I dont know if it will show up if the person who stole it wiped it and took out sim...
Dont know if this is still the case but according to a website.

Unfortunately, there’s just one problem: Disabling the service is as easy as a push of a button.
You can find your device’s current location as long as:

The device is online. (If you’re looking for an iPod*touch or iPad*Wi-Fi, it can be found only if it’s on, connected to a Wi-Fi network, and not asleep.)

Find My iPhone is turned on on the device

Location Services is turned on (in Settings > General)

Note:**You can use Find My iPhone only on devices on which you’ve set up your MobileMe Paid Subscription or MobileMe Free Account. If you have more than one subscription or account, only the one you’ve set up to sync your MobileMe contacts, calendars, or bookmarks works with Find My iPhone.
Are you getting either of these messages?

"No Devices Registered" message

This message appears if no device has been setup with your MobileMe account and Find My iPhone is turned on. If you still have the device in your possession, set up Find My iPhone in Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > MobileMe.

"Your device is no longer locatable" message

If you see this message, Location Services (or Find My iPhone in iOS 3.x) was turned off on your lost device*while*you were using the app. You will not be able to locate your device anymore, but you can still display a message on its screen, have it play a sound, remotely lock it, or remotely wipe it.
I think the thief disabled location services...

:( At least I have my droid 1 running UD 3.2!