Looking for SimCity-like game for Android phones


Nov 22, 2009
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Colorado, USA
Anyone tried any good ones? I'm using X-City (called X City in the market I believe... found it searching for SimCity) currently but due to the sketchy Engrish in the instructions I made some pretty big mistakes pretty early on that I'm paying for still. It also is a little too dependent on my bugging friends and spamming them to get anywhere. I also don't like how you can't control the speed by slowing down, speeding up or pausing. Honestly, if it had an easy way to start over I would be fine with this game but I'm curious what else is out there. I looked a year or so ago and there wasn't much out. I did some searching and it looks like there isn't much discussion but there are more versions out now. I tried another one called My Country but it was over 35MB which is larger than Angry Birds & Angry Birds Seasons combined which are two huge apps. So, what is everyone using and why?