Looking for a SBF or FXZ flie for the droid Razr


Jun 26, 2010
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Danvers Mas.
Hi all

I am looking for a a SBF or FXZ file for the droid Razr. I know that there is not one out in the wild yet, I've spent all most 4 hours looking.
Is there anyone out there that has a system dump they are willing to share, that I can flash a to a Razr of my friends he soft bricked.
The phone is just stock with root he was doing something with TT and when the ap went to reboot it got stuck in a boot loop. I can get to the stock recovery. I have tried the factory reset there and it still loops.

I thank any one now for what ever help they may give.
Tried clearing all cache & data?

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Mine did the same thing, not rooted, I was opening an app and it froze up. So I turned off and when I turned it back on it only went to the Bootup screen. I did a recovery reset thinking, which I wasn't and its Fubar'd now...I called and explained to Verizon. I get a new Like new one coming in..If there would have been a SbF i could fix it. There not as of yet, so i have to live with a use done. Thinking i should just wait for a SBF to come out...But who know when that will be..:frown: