Locked out of my old phone


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Jan 23, 2010
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So, here's my situation: I have an old Motorola Droid that's been sitting in my desk drawer ever since I replaced it a few years ago. I have information stored in a password-protected app on the phone that I need. Unfortunately, it's locked with a PIN and I have no idea what it is. It's been years since I even looked at the thing, and I didn't even remember that I had a password on it. I remember the password I locked that app with, but fat lotta good that does me without being able to get into the phone. No matter how many times I put in wrong passcodes, no 'forgot password' option ever becomes available. USB debugging is not enabled, so I can't use something like adb to get into it. The phone is out of service, so I can't call it and try to bypass the lockscreen that way. I've been trying to boot into safe mode to see if I can turn on usb debugging that way, but whenever I boot into safe mode (by holding down the menu button on the keyboard while the phone boots) it immediately restarts into normal mode without my so much as touching it. If all I needed was the phone itself, I'd just do a factory reset, but since that would delete the app and the information in it that I need, that's not an option in this scenario. Is there some catch to safe mode that I'm missing that makes it automatically reboot like that? Would safe mode even help, or does it require the password too? Is there any way to activate usb debugging without unlocking the phone? Or any method of bypassing the lockscreen that doesn't require usb debugging? Some other solution that I haven't thought of? Or am I just completely SOL, here? I'm getting a little desperate, and would really appreciate any help y'all can offer.