LG G4 Waiting Lounge

Thanks Chris! Nice to see all the familiar names! My s3 is shot. Very laggy everything force closes. I did just buy a new battery today. Hoping to get more than 1 or 2 hours of battery life.
Wow.. long time May.. How ya been?
:(:( I don't get mine for another 15 days but the net was only $529 (silver) and I get an extra battery and battery charger/dock along with a 32GB MSD card. Guess I can wait. It's a bargain.
Can't wait for you guys to get this awesome phone!

I'm not impressed with the battery although I'm on the phone a lot. Also the front camera seems too zoomed in (focal length of 4.42 compared to the s3 that's 3.7) hard to take a selfie with everyone in it without using the selfie camera.
Impatiently waiting for mine to arrive. I'm upgeadng from a Note 3.

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When you go to the LG site to get your battery, MSD and Battery charger and you plan on requesting it on-line, have an image of your IMEI and purchase receipt handy