LG G3 for Verizon Gets an Update with a New Bluetooth Button & More


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Dec 30, 2010
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It looks like Verizon isn't finished with their LG G3 device. A new update just started rolling out for LG's flagship from last year on Big Red's network. It's most notable feature is a new Bluetooth button. Here's a breakdown of the new changes:
  • Provide Native "Interruptions" feature while maintaining LG UI component & label style.
  • On-going notification is provided when the device is either set to No interruptions or Priority Only.
  • Interruptions menu is added under the Quick settings
  • After a user is provisioned for Advanced Calling, HD Voice and Video calling options will be provided under Advanced Calling setting.
  • If the user is not subscribed for LTE Video Calling, Video calling option will be given as disabled.
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Source: Verizon
At this point Idk whats worse, Verizon and their longgg 'testing' and still having bugs or OEMs mudding up the code with their useless skins. Either way 5.0 on the G3 is the result of everyone f'ing with Android, took a fantastic phone and f'ed it hard.... Oh well, Im hang gliding over to XDA...