Lenovo: All 2016 Phones Will Include 5-inch+ Displays and Fingerprint Sensors


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Dec 30, 2010
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Lenovo SVP Chen Xudong shared some details on Motorola devices launching this year. Xudong indicated that all 2016 Moto devices will come equipped with fingerprint sensors and displays which are 5 inches or larger.

If Xudong's statements are accurate, then even the Moto E (if there is one) and the Moto G for 2016 will move up to a larger display of at least 5-inches. What do you folks think of the now solidified trend of 5-inch minimum display sizes on smartphones?

P.S. - It seems a shame that the full Motorola name is going away. I rather like the name and logo...

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Source: GSMArena
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so the new moto X will have a fingerprint sensor like the moto X pure should have.

that's the only thing I feel my moto x pure is missing, the smart unlock location is buggy as hell... if my LG tone is on and I'm using it my phone never locks... my phone staying unlocked at home or work (when I've selected about 6 addresses around my location to keep it unlocked) rarely works... it's extremely annoying.

otherwise yeah, great idea and something they should've done a while ago.