Lego Built A Kid Safe Social Network


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Oct 6, 2011
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My oldest is already seven which not only makes me feel like I am getting old, but also reminds me just how time flies and how short life really is. She is already itching to get on social media. While she is not allowed a facebook, twitter, or instagram account she does have a bit of a social media presence on where she shares her lip sync videos with her cousins and a few friends from school. This app seems kid friendly but still creeps me out a bit and I am most comfortable when she is sitting next to me while using this app.

Lego has built a kid friendly social network that your kids will enjoy and you can finally let them be social on the web untethered to you. This social network was built for kids and with safety at the forefront. Anyone under 13 needs a parent to register. Tech Savy pre-teens may be able to hack their way past this step, but even so the most important safety measures are deeper within the app.

To start Lego assigns the user name which is just a randomly generated three part name (ie DukeCharmingShrimp). You can't upload a profile picture. You use a custom minifig avatar instead. Lego has also partnered with a content moderation company to screen every image before it hits the site. If you wish to share your lego builds your photos must meet strict criteria to make it past the moderation. It must be Lego-specific. Some kids even tried to game the system by placing Lego heads over their faces when posting selfies. Even these photos weren't allowed to fly. Lego comments come in the form of emoji, and you can't thumbs down a post. Lego Life is now available in the Play Store.

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