LED flashlight


Mar 30, 2010
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So, I was at the zoo at night. Everyone had their cell phones out, with the led flashlights going to get better looks at the critters (we were in the snake/reptile exhibit).

The led on the d3 was significantly brighter and room filling (if that makes sense) than any other phone that anyone had. I guess it was kinds like a spotlight vs floodlight. The d3's led seemed to illuminate everything much more.

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I'm using the one that was free app of the day from amazon, not sure of the name offhand. The widget works fine. Takes a sec to work after you hit it though.
DroidLight by Motorola Mobility works with the D3 just as it did with the D1.
Maybe they had theirs on a low setting. I know my flashlight has numerous intensity settings.

but poor nocturnal reptiles getting a face full of flashes.