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Jul 12, 2011
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Well, only a week into the Turbo (liking it) really like the thread for screenshots (by smalltowngirl)
Dabbled in but ran back out on the Launcher (got scared when I couldn't figure some things out) Nova Launcher, two blocks asking me questions I did not have the answers to.
Anyway, is there a quick and easy explanation of how and why for "launcher switching"?
I guess its for looks and some customized functionality (which is cool) just don't wanna booger anything up. I really am liking some of the stock aspects of the turbo (voice commands, notification center, etc)
Guess if I could have gotten past those two(2) question blocks I would have experimented more.
That's the beauty of Android, changing launchers opens up many doors for customization. For example, some install Nova launcher and keep it fairly basic, some install the same launcher and it looks like a whole different launcher, it's insane.

If you're enjoying the stock Moto launcher, then by all means, use and enjoy it. I've been running Google Launcher as it serves the best purpose for me while remaining fluid and snappy, and the Google Now page swiping left is a huge plus for me. I never was a fan of Samsung's TW launcher.
Cool. Went back in a futzed with it, Fun (love that about "Our" phones) Thanks dezy and smallTG.
I used Google Now Launcher. I love the swipe left. I see all the scores I care about and weather, traffic, etc. I don't even need to use the crappy Sportscenter app anymore.
That is is beauty of Android :) - it is all about customization and end user experience as we are certainly all not the same ;)...

Like mentioned above - find what works for you and go with it but never be afraid to play around either.

Here are some cool videos on YouTube :)...