Launcher pro plus M22—3D icons pack

I saw this icon pack on another Android related forum, and decided to give it a "try before I buy (also applies to donate when free)". I love it, it took a little getting used to, but the icons are different. Too bad I haven't found a hotfix for this LauncherPro redraw issue with the latest GPA Bugless Beast Gingerbread ROMs.

I have to say I would not pay for this app, but it was a nice change for a couple days. My deciding factor will not apply to everyone. It's just over 10 megs of precious internal storage space. I have the Moto Droid w/ Gingerbread installed and am already doing everything I can to save space and keep my favorite apps installed.

If I had an updated Android phone with more internal storage space for apps, or if this application could be stored on the SD with default Apps2SD feature, I would consider keeping it. But since that's more of a personal problem, for anyone else wondering I give this a 4.9/5 stars! -.1 Because my default Music App and Google's Music BETA app are both installed and have different icons until I apply this icon pack, and they have the same icon and name, and now I can't tell them apart. :greendroid:
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