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Jun 7, 2017
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Look like it is going to be another great addition to the note series. bigger battery, in screen finger print sensor, a possible microphone on the s-pen and more. Too bad I will not be in the market for a new phone till the Note 10 is released.

Now that the Galaxy S9 has officially landed, it’s time to look ahead to the next big thing from Samsung: the Note 9. Right on cue, rumors are starting to trickle in about the phablet phone—and it’s already shaping up to be a monster release.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 rumors: New interface, S Pen, and in-display fingerprint sensor
I have a question and I'm not trying to be rude, just something I thought of. Everytime there is a new Note on the horizon we end up with 37 threads about rumors and possible specs before the phone is even released. There have been three new "rumor" type threads in the past 3 days alone. Why not consolidate all of this into one thread? It would make it easier for someone that is interested in the phone to see all the possible new information while scrolling through one thread, instead of scrolling through the whole Forum to find all the different threads with rumored information. Like I said, I understand the interest in the new phone, I like reading these posts also, but it really gets confusing when there is a new thread almost every day with some kind of "rumored" leak about the phone.

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no different than the number of moto and other threads. you don't have to click on them :p
I'm not trying to start anything here, so please don't. It's way different. I'm talking specifically about the "rumors" threads for every new Note phone. We don't have any of those for Moto phones on this forum, or very rarely. The News team doesn't care about Moto phones here so we don't get Moto rumors every day like we do for Samsung phones.

It was just a suggestion. And yes, I can easily not click them like I do every day. I was just trying to help keep things organized. But hey....what the hell do I know?

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then why post if you don't want to start complain and say it is only about the note but you don't say anything when it is about other phones. you forget how hard it is to find other threads that is about the same. the search feature is not the best. besides...

see What to Post Here !!

Don't worry if someone else has posted it, if you can make it look better, give it a shot. Everything can be improved on can't it? And Please don't get upset if someone makes your post better. Consider it a compliment that you found something someone else thought was worthy enough to re-edit.
My initial post was a suggestion, not meant for you only. It was meant for the entire News team, and was only a suggestion. Wouldn't it be nice to see ALL rumors about the Note 9 in one thread? Then members could subscribe to that one thread and get updates with every new post. That's all I was asking. Maybe not, maybe we should have a new rumor thread each day? I don't know which way is better, was only asking a question. It was only a suggestion and not a personal attack. I took your response as an attack on me, so I responded again.

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so basically you don't want anyone disagree with your suggestion. don't worry, this is my last post about this since it hurts your feelings to have someone disagree with you.
I was thinking the exact same thing. I never disagreed with anything you posted. And never said you should not post rumors. I like them, and enjoy reading them. All i asked was if it would be better to consolidate all of them into one thread. I never said....hey don't post this stuff. I just asked if it would be better to be consolidated. A simple question. It could have been ponderded and thought over before responding sarcastically. You could have responded with reasons why new threads each day make more sense, instead of consolidating new rumors. But you didn't. You posted a sarcastic response. You did that, not me.

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