Last Dance With Mary Jane...


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Sep 5, 2016
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You know, I live out in the middle of nowhere. Right outside the city on a little back woods country lane.

We don't have much excitement here, except maybe for the woman taking her children to school half naked.

Oh, and a couple of weeks ago they discovered a "chop shop" in a nearby cornfield. Yup, a cornfield. I mean, no one would ever discover a bunch of stolen cars in a corn field would they?

So last week, kids stayed home from school sick and we hear a helicopter. It got closer and closer until it circled our house literally, for 4 hours.

Now, behind my house is a neighbor and 50 some odd acres of wooded land a doctor owns. To which, the doctor is never around, so the land is left alone.

Well we thought it was.

After 2 hours I had enough. Called the police and asked what in the world was going on above where we lived.

They were not supposed to tell me, but due to the fact that I was terrified at that point, they filled me in.

The helicopter was the SLED, State Law Enforcement Division.

They found the wacky weed right behind my home. And not a little, a whole lot! 40 buckets full!

So strange, no arrests were made or anything. They just came in with mules and hauled everything out.

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Does the land belong to Dr. David Bruce Allen by chance? This kinda sounds like something that happen here

Also, lets keep the comments within our guide lines
I got prior approval before I posted this since it was an "iffy" topic.

It is crazy though. I am trying to remember doctors name, but he has had the house and all the land up for sale forever. But he wants manhattan prices for it not alabama prices.

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