Keyboard Quest


Feb 15, 2010
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San diego Cali baby
I am looking for the original motorola droid keyboard to put on ultimate droid roms and other roms i hate hate hate hate the htc keyboard.
did you check under your keyboard settings to see if you have the option for "android keyboard" which is the default (idk what rom you are using. more info might give a different answer)
I want it for Ultimate droid 5 and other roms that use htc keyboard i looked in settings and hit droid keyboard and nothing.I just need a way to switch back to the android keyboard.
Do a google search for latin-ime.apk or just use the droid x multitouch keyboard (assuming your not on froyo where it doesnt work ) but honestly whats not to like about the htc keyboard? its only got benifits over android stock. if its lagging, try turning off haptic feedback.

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im all about the 2.2 stock keyboard.... those pop up rows of numbers and punctuation are fantastic! im reflashing a 2.2 leak right now until we get a fix. I just don like any other keyboard as much.