Keyboard letters opening random pages


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Nov 25, 2010
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I have had my new Droid 2 for two days. This morning, my hard keyboard letters starting opening random pages like calendar or the browser while I was typing. I tried searching for this issue but kept getting hits for other issues. Is this correctable or do I need to return my phone for another one?

Very frustrated as I had a Blackberry for two years without issues. Wondering if I should go back.
For those who come behind me...

I was able to find the answer by searching in the Droid 2 specific forum. I disabled my Quick Launch buttons (that I had never enabled, but never mind..perhaps something on the (very sensitive!) touchscreen was pushed inadvertently) and that did the trick.

I need to get into the habit of locking my screen when I put it down or carry it somewhere. It's a pain because I'm synced with my corporate email and that means a password is required to unlock it (some kind of bug), but oh well.

Happy Thanksgiving.
Try resetting the phone if that doesn't work wipe the phone (data factory rest) some times issues can be fixed that way

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my phone was doing the same thing and after restarting the phone it went back to wrking correctly.